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Firefox with a Vista twist

Microsoft Vista's attractive Aero style, packed with jaw-dropping 3D effects and transparent windows, was one of its most most positive features. With Vista-aero Theme, you can add that style to Firefox too!

Simply install Vista-aero Theme and select it from the Tools - Add-ons menu in Firefox, and you'll be able to tweak the browser's interface so that it perfectly matches the Vista design.

In fact, Vista-aero Theme actually uses IE8 buttons, which suits Firefox very well. One thing we didn't like about Vista-aero Theme, however, was having all those extra Favorite buttons on the tab bar and not being able to remove them.

Vista-aero Theme - an IE8-like theme with Vista Aero style!

Fix bugs Update for ubuntu 10.04


  • Fix bugs Update for ubuntu 10.04

The Vista aero Theme packs Mozilla Firefox into a virtual Internet Explorer 7 skin. Besides the visual changes done to buttons and menus, this theme adds the general Aero style to the browser, making a perfect combination with Windows Vista.


  • Very attractive appearance, especially with Vista


  • Favorite buttons in tab bar can't be removed
  • Only works with old versions of Firefox


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Vista-aero Theme


Vista-aero Theme for PC


User reviews about Vista-aero Theme

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    It is freakin sweet.
    I do not see the point in it but it looks awsome. I can not believe that Firefox could look like IE7 and 8 aMore

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